Creative Workshops

Art Therapy

Art Therapy unites the areas of human development and the process of creating. Offering opportunity for communication and expression. Art Therapy is a three way process between the client, therapist and the art itself. Based on psychotherapy and counselling models, art therapy can be used with a broad range of individuals from all economical and cultural backgrounds.

Treatment through Art

Art Therapy can help aid in the treatment of long-term depression and anxieties, or short-term everyday related difficulties. Such as a difficulty in relationship, work related problems, decision-making or shyness. Individuals that come for art therapy need no skill or experience in art.

Art Therapy for all ages

Suitable for children and adolescents through to adults. The aim of art therapy is to offer the space for communication and expression where it can be difficult to convey thoughts and feelings through words. We offer 1:1 Art Therapy sessions or group sessions depending on the individual’s preference. I am a Qualified HPC state registered Art Therapist and a member of BAAT. Please use our contacts page if you would like more information.