Creative Workshops


We offer private 1:1 tuition at the following levels, GCSE, A’ level and Degree. We offer private tuition in the following subjects: Pottery, Art and Design, Textiles, Photography and Fashion. We take great pride in our pass rate being currently at 100%, all pupils and students that have committed to weekly/fortnightly private tuition have achieved B-A* results. Whether it helps building and organising your sketchpads or brain storming for final piece ideas. Art and You will guide and support you every step of the way, offering a high quality service with outstanding feedback. Contact Caroline for more information.

GCSE Art, Private tuition, Example of an A* Students work

GCSE Art, Designs for mask making

GCSE Textiles, Pupils fabric design on canvas

GCSE Art tuition, End of Year Pupils exhibition, A grade in GCSE Results.